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SSL247® wins the prestigious “2015 EMEA Symantec Sales Growth Partner Award”

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After our award winning success at last year’s Symantec EMEA Roundtable – an exclusive event for Symantec’s largest key European partners, SSL247® was honoured again with the distinguished “2015 Symantec EMEA Sales Growth Partner Award.” The award was picked up by SSL247® – Europe’s #1 SSL consultant– for our outstanding growth in 2015.

Every year, we are satisfying more clients than anyone else in the EMEA region, which represents our market leading expertise and unshakeable commitment to our clients.

SSL247® has enjoyed 10+ years of successful collaboration with Symantec. This award proved clients recognised the value we bring from our long standing relationship.

“We are thrilled to award SSL247® with the prestigious EMEA Sales Growth Award for 2015. We have been partners for over 10 years, and their outstanding level of expertise and customer service has earned them this award, well done!”

- Philip Antoniadis, Senior Sales Director at Symantec

In 2014 SSL247® was acknowledged for our extensive knowledge and expertise, this year we were awarded the “Symantec’s EMEA Sales Growth Partner” status for satisfying the most clients as the first SSL consultant across Europe in 15 markets by applying our award-winning expertise:

“We are really proud of our latest achievement. This award proves that not only are we globally recognised on the SSL market, but also that our customers greatly value our expertise and services. SSL247® has worked hard in 2015 to stand above and beyond the industry standards for customer service.”

- Timothée Brogniart, Sales Director at SSL247®

Why Choose SSL247®?

From finding the right solution, purchasing, monitoring and renewal, SSL247® has a proven record of excellence throughout the entire process as a recognised European market leader. The latest award further demonstrates SSL247®’s dedication and commitment to provide customers with only the best solutions.

We’ve reached several important milestones in order to provide our customers this winning combination of the best products and the best service including:

All your solutions can be easily managed in our free MySSL® portal, a leading product management platform which gives you full control of all your certificates – making SSL purchases or renewals as easy as possible.

Contact Us today

Who better to advise you than SSL247®, the web consultants – tested and endorsed by over 7,000 customers – who won the 2015 Symantec’s EMEA Sales Growth Partner award?

We were recognised for our specialist knowledge in 2014 and by consumers in 2015 for satisfying their needs across 15 markets in Europe.

Don’t wait, contact us today for your free no-commitment consultation. Our dedicated team of accredited experts are waiting to support and advise you through the entire process.

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