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What is Code Signing?

Code Signing provides authentication to assure customers that the file they are downloading is from the publisher named on the certificate. If you are distributor or a developer, then code signing was made for you! It will ensure your code isn’t tampered with during transmission, and that your end users know it’s safe to open.

Code Signing by SSL247 - What is it?

Code Signing Certificates

Sectigo Code Signing
Sectigo Code Signing

The Sectigo Code Signing certificate is one of the most trusted digital code signing certificates in use today by software developers and engineers. Sectigo Code Signing enables developers to add a layer of assurance, informing users the software they’re receiving can be trusted and protects private keys via token and PIN.

Organisation Validation (OV)

How does Code Signing work?

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With a code signing certificate, you will:

  • Authenticate and verify the source of your programme - and inspire trust in it.
  • Guarantee that your programme or code has not been modified since it was signed by you.
  • Build a trusted relationship with your customers by reducing error messages and security warnings.
  • Protect your customers from malware and viruses.

Why unsigned code is dangerous

Running an unsigned programme can be dangerous. Security warnings and error messages will pop up (showing you to be an ‘Unknown Publisher’) and that can jeopardise the relationship of trust between you and your customers. Unsigned code can also be modified after publication without your permission - malware or viruses added, for instance. That spells danger for the recipients of your code (and your reputation too).
Code Signing certificates enable you to sign an unlimited number of components for the lifetime of your certificate. But there are variations depending on the type of code you want to sign. We’ve listed them below, for ease.

Types of Code Signing Certificates

Microsoft Authenticode - Icon
Microsoft Authenticode

A Microsoft Authenticode certificate enables you to digitally sign 32-bit and 64-bit user-mode and Windows ActiveX controls. The file types that are supported are .exe, .dll, .cab, .ocx et .xpi. Provider for Microsoft Windows® Logo programmes.

Sun Java - Icon
Sun Java

A Sun Java certificate enables you to digitally sign applications for Sun Java and object files for Mozilla and Netscape. The file type that is supported is .jar. The signature will automatically be recognised by Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Microsoft Visual Basic - Icon
Microsoft Office and Visual Basic for Applications

A Microsoft Office and VBA certificate is for VBA developers who are willing to digitally sign Microsoft VBA objects and macros for Microsoft Office and other third party applications that may use VBA.

Abobe AIR - Icon
Adobe AIR

An Adobe AIR certificate enables you to digitally sign your Adobe AIR creations. The file types that are supported are .air or .airi. This signature is compulsory if you want to open an Adobe AIR application.

Apple Mac OS - Icon
Apple Mac OS

An Apple Mac OS certificate enables you to digitally sign tools, applications, scripts and other codes for Mac OS from Apple. This certificate is only available from Thawte for Apple Mac OS 9 and Apple Mac OS X.

Feel free to check the Code Signing section of our Knowledge Base to find out more information.

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