Get entry-level SSL security for testing and internal use with a RapidSSL certificate.

Issued within 10 minutes and with up to 256-bit encryption, a RapidSSL certificate will provide you with quick, economical SSL security.

Benefits and features

  • Perfect for testing and internal use
  • Domain Validation
  • Issued within 10 minutes with automated online validation
  • Unlimited re-issues in your MySSL® portal (upgrade to RapidSSL Pro and get re-issuance support from your account manager)
  • To span your SSL certificate across multiple physical servers, you can now add additional server licenses at no extra cost
  • $10,000 warranty against missisuance
  • Extra benefits exclusive to SSL247® customers, including a personal SSL specialist who you can call upon for advice and technical support, and our 30 day money-back guarantee. We're sure you'll be pleased with our service - it comes recommended by our customers
  • Save time and money by buying for several years! By buying for 2 years, you would spend less time managing your certificates and your cost per year would drop from 421,00 kr to N/A

RapidSSL Seal

A RapidSSL Seal will provide basic-level trust with customers visiting your website.

Is RapidSSL right for you? Trial it for free

To work out if the RapidSSL certificate is right for you, why not put it to the test with our free 30 day trial? But if you need a certificate for external use or you need mobile SSL security, this isn’t the certificate for you. Call one of our accredited SSL advisors for impartial advice, on  +46 (0) 208 892 47. They’ll help you find the right certificate in no time at all.

Do you have a public facing website? Or do you need mobile security?

At SSL247®, we only recommend RapidSSL certificates for internal use. If you have a public facing website, take a look at our GeoTrust range. GeoTrust certificates are also mobile compatible, whereas RapidSSL certs are not.

Not sure if this certificate is right for you?

Take advantage of our qualified team of SSL specialists, on hand with impartial advice. 
+46 (0) 208 892 47

Need more info about SSL? Have a look at the SSL certificates section of our Knowledge Base.